Shipping & Returns

Supplier shall endeavour to meet estimated delivery dates; however where delivery is delayed due to circumstances beyond the supplier’s control, the supplier will communicate such delays to the purchaser and endeavour to rectify as soon as possible. The supplier shall not accept liability for any damages resultant from the aforementioned delays. Delivery is estimated upon receipt by supplier of all information to be furnished by the buyer and the supplier will not be liable for any delays experienced due to failure or delay in receipt of information from the purchaser. In the absence of receipt of confirmation of delivery, delivery will be deemed effective within 7days of date upon which delivery was received by the purchaser. Supplier reserves the right to withhold delivery of goods until such time as the final invoice has been paid in full.

Supplier shall not accept liability for any claims for error in quantity, weight or number where such claims are not submitted in writing within 7 days after purchaser’s receipt of products.

Return policy. Returns or refunds will only be accepted for goods that are not the item ordered or the wrong colour or size. Faulty goods that are reported within the three day period can be returned, fixed and sent back to the customer. Shop damaged goods can be sent back to supplier and fixed at a fee charged to the customer. Please, use only the Mioffice address: USisi Designs Mioffice Suite 156 Private bag X9005, Pietermaritzburg, 3200.