Jewelry pieces made from scoobie wire that is wrapped on various core components. Jewelry range includes necklaces, bracelets, brooches and earrings. These items are available in single colors as well our season specific color combinations.

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us1223 Earrings - Pendant wrapped rings - Medium

A set of scoobie wrapped Pendant earrings. Weight: 35cm x 30cm

us1224 Earrings - Pendant wrapped rings - Large

A set of scoobie wrapped Pendant earrings. Weight: 45cm x 40cm

us1270 Earrings-Copper Wire Round Firifiri

These earrings are made with large rings copper wrapped with a firiri.

us1271 Earrings - Copper wrapped double rings-short

Earrings made with double rings wrapped with 2 shades of copper wire.

us1272 Earrings - Copper double ring long

Earrings made with copper wrapped rings connected with a jump ring.

us57Bracelet - Beaded flat with buttons

A soft feel bracelet made with beaded 11/0 size beads, closes easily with buttons.

us634 Earrings - Wireblend - Diamond

An elegant set of earrings made with diamond shaped frame, wrapped with scoobie wire.

us635 Earrings - Wire Blend - Double ring short

A set of earrings made with a medium and small wrapped scoobie rings.