Materials that inspire us
  • Scoobie Wire
  • Recycled Material
    • Recycled Sari Fabric
    • Recycled Glass
    • Recycled Buttons
    • Repurposed Potato Bags
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New products

us1219 Earrings - Scoobie - double rings Xl

Earrings made of double rings wrapped with 2 different colour scoobie.

us803 Necklace-Cluster of woven beads on Twisted leather 53cm

A necklace made of 3 woven beads hanging on twisted leather.

us806 Necklace Chunky choker with scoobie and beads

A necklace made with scoobie wire and beads.

us805 Necklace Chunky wrapped chocker with woven disk.

A chocker necklace made with 3 different colour scoobie twisted and wrapped on a memory wire with a woven disk hanging.

us1213 Earrings Beads & wrapped scoobie on ring

A set of earrings made of scoobie and 6/0 beads wrapped on rings.

us32 Bracelet Bead and Chunky Scoobie wrap - Double

A bracelet made of scoobie and beads wrapped on a double bracelet memory wire.

us1216 Earrings Striped Scoobie Wrapped X-Large rings

A set of earrings made with rings wrapped with 2 complementing colours of scoobie.

us1212 Earrings Beads and Wrapped sccobie on Pin

A set of earrings made of beads and scoobie wrapped on a pin.