New products

us856 Necklace-Scoobie wire Wrapped tubing with rings

A solid tubing necklace wrapped with scoobie wire.

us1226 Earrings-Wrapped Diamond and Medium ring 2 Tones

Earrings made of wrapped Diamond and round ring.

us39 Bracelet-Scoobie woven Beads on double spiral

A chunky look bracelet made of woven beads on memory wire.

us33 Bracelet-Metal Cuff-Scoobie wire coils in colour block designs

A bracelet made of scoobie wire wrapped on a metal cuff.

us26 Bracelet-Scoobie Wire Double Coils over tubing base

A bracelet made of tubing wrapped with scoobie wire

us803 Necklace - Three Wrapped Double circle wire pendants on Leather (50cm)

A dramatic look Necklace with 3 pendants hanging on Leather.

us858 Necklace - Bobbles and beads

A necklace made of different sizes of Scoobie catchy beads on wax cotton.