New products

us803 Necklace - Three Wrapped Double circle wire pendants on Leather (50cm)

A dramatic look Necklace with 3 pendants hanging on Leather.

us858 Necklace - Bobbles and beads

A necklace made of different sizes of Scoobie catchy beads on wax cotton.

us657 Necklace - Wireblend woven small Copper on chocker

A necklace made with small copper woven ball on scoobie wrapped leather.

us666 Wireblend - Firifiri - Original 90cm

A soft feel scoobie wire necklace made.

us802 Necklace - Wrapped Double circle Pendant XXL on Scoobie Chocker

A 45cm long necklace Pendant on a wrapped leather. Weight: 15g 60cm diameter

us801 Necklace - Wrapped double circkle Pendant on leather - Xlarge

A simple and light pendant scoobie wrapped necklace.

us1224 Earrings - Pendant wrapped rings - Large

A set of scoobie wrapped Pendant earrings. Weight: 45cm x 40cm

us1223 Earrings - Pendant wrapped rings - Medium

A set of scoobie wrapped Pendant earrings. Weight: 35cm x 30cm