A vast array of scoobie wrapped or woven neckalces to suit all different tastes.

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us651 Necklace - Wireblend 3 woven pendant

A necklace made with 3 different sizes woven beads hanging on leather which is adjustable. It weighs 34g.

us652 Necklace - Wireblend - Firi firi

A necklace made with leather wrapped with scoobie wire and decorated with a copper coil. Weight: 44g Length: 90g

us653 Necklace - Wireblend - Nests

A Necklace made with copper and scoobie components that have a look like nests. Length: 80cm Weight: 30g

us654 Necklace - Wrapped Rubber with coil

A necklace made of 3 scoobie wrapped rubbers joined with copper wire coil. Weight: 59g Length: 70cm

us655 Necklace - Single Woven Disk - Wireblend with tassel

A necklace made of a disk woven with scoobie wire and copper wire. The disk hangs on platted wax cotton. The necklace weighs 26g and it's 70cm long.

us656 Necklace - Wireblend - Double ring Chocker

A double ring chocker necklace wrapped with scoobie and copper wire bits. It's closed at the back with a lobster with an extension chain. It weighs 32g

us660 Necklace wireblend bobbles & beads

A necklace made with scoobie and copper wire bobbles. Weight: 42g Length: 120cm

us662 Necklace-Wireblend Rubber set of 5-120cm

A set of 5 Necklaces that are 120cm. They are made from scoobie wrapped on rubber. The weight of the necklace is 139g