Using the same wrapping and weaving techniques we have employed in the scoobie wire, we have used copper wire to come with this fine finish range of costume jewelry. It is light weight and has a classier look when compred to our other ranges.


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us1273 Earring - Woven Copper Bead

An earring made with a bead that is woven with copper. Weight:4g Length:4.5cm Width:12mm ball size.

us1276 Earrings - Copper Woven flat disks

A 4cm diameter flat earrings made with thin copper wire. Weight: 12g Length: 5.5cm Diameter:4cm

us1277 Earring - Copper wire Tassels - Lg

Earrings made of copper wrapped ball with thin copper wire tassels hanging with beads at the end. Length: 8cm Weight: 14g

us70 Bracelet - Double spiral - Copper Wire

A spiral bracelet made with light and dark copper wire. Weight: 18g Diameter: 7cm

us71-Bracelet Wrapped Copper - 5 coils

A spiral bracelet made with wrapped copper wire pieces. Weight: 24g Diameter: 7cm

us72 Bracelet - Wrapped copper wire - spiral

A spiral bracelet make with wrapped copper wire pieces. Weight: 42g Diameter: 7cm

us73 Bracelet - Copper Fan Design

A spiral bracelet made with wrapped copper pieces. Weight: 32g Diameter: 7cm

us74 Bracelet - Wrapped Copper wire - Colour block - 3

A light spiral colour block bracelet made with wrapped copper wire. Weight: 14g Diameter: 7cm